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Weekly Wellness: The Benefits of Polo

The sport of polo has become synonymous with the seemingly wealthy. After all, it is called the sport of kings. From playing the game itself to watching a match, when one thinks of polo it’s accompanied by images of fancy attire, lavish set ups, and large grandstands. While that can be the case, polo remains

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Weekly Wellness: Move Forward with FORWARD__Space (special announcements!)

Ever since FORWARD__Space kicked off the New Year at the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, they have been on the move. In 2021, in addition to their brick and mortar location in SoHo NYC, the crew turned up the heat at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Colorado, made waves at Chicago

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Weekly Wellness: Community DARE

When it comes to our health, community can help us go the distance. Being surrounded by others with the same intentions and aspirations encourages us to stick to our goals and even set new ones. Many of us find these fitness communities in group classes— think Barry’s, SoulCycle, FOWARD__Space, DanceBody. Others find through local organizations

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