My Story

For someone who writes about other people for a living, my story always seems to be the hardest one to tell. But I’ll give it a try….

I’m Nicole. A third generation New Yawker with a coffee addiction and a passion for telling stories.

I received a B.A. in Journalism/Media Studies, minor in psychology, from Hofstra University; a testament to my innate desire to interview people. At Hofstra is where the idea for Nikki On The Daily™ began, created from my sorority name ‘Daily.

From there I decided to brand myself, during a time when personal branding was still a novice idea. And in 2011, Nikki On The Daily™ became a trademarked byline. The first of its kind (to my knowledge).

I’m a career writer but I dipped my toes into some other industries, out of sheer curiosity. Publicist, luxury travel advisor, polo manager (the sport, not the brand), social media consultant. I earned a Journalism Award from my local herald, member of the Society of Professional Journalist, and proudly held a weekly fitness/food column for over two years at a multiple award-winning newspaper based out of the Hamptons. I’ve written hundreds, if not thousands, of articles over the course of my nearly decade long career thus far.

Personally, I’m an adventure junkie, fitness fanatic, equal opportunity eater, and philanthropist. I’m an advocate for animal rights and nature conservancy because #AdoptDontShop and #ReduceReuseRecycle are more than just hashtags.

Exhale. So, what’s my story?

My story is still being written. In the meantime, I’m here to tell yours.

2 comments on “My Story”

  1. Hi Nikki. Just stumbled across your blog. Honestly was drawn in by your pretty face. 🙂 But I’m interested in following your journey.

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