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Empowered Movement: Discover Your Strength

“Empowered Movement: Discover Your Strength” embodies what happens when you combine the elements of connection, community, and conversation to bring a brand’s narrative to life

East Hampton Hosts Panel Discussion on Nutrition

Photo credit: Lisa Tamburini Left to right: Alyson Follenius, Michele Sacconaghi, Thuyen Nguyen, Charlotte LaGuardia, Dr. Gerry Curatola, Nicole Teitler The conversation surrounding health and nutrition has been at the forefront of individual minds since the onset of the pandemic. Now, as mask regulations ease up and America reopens its doors, the question remains: how

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DanceBody Returns To The Hamptons

DanceBody is back for its 7th summer in the Hamptons and sporting a sexy, new look. The dance inspired fitness classes are kicking it up a notch with socially distant outdoor workouts while wearing futuristic face shields. In partnership with Noli Yoga, the shields are a cross combination between sun visors and sun glasses with

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Hamptons Gala Season Gone?

The Hamptons has a world-wide reputation for being a location of means. On the outside, it’s seen as a place of luxury homes and fancy parties, lined by beautiful beaches and noted celebrities. But those on the inside know that part of what makes the Hamptons truly special is its philanthropic community. For decades, Memorial

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Tribe Training

It’s day one of my Tribe Training at Hamptons Gym Corp. and I have no idea what to expect. As I walk into the studio, a former Crossfit space, I’m partially intimidated. Kettle bells, TRX bands, weights, medicine balls, rogue racks, resistance bands, jump ropes, jump boxes . . . holy bleep, what did I

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