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Weekly Wellness: Curated by THUYEN

Proper skincare starts internally with our physical and mental health. When we’re stressed, worn down, dehydrated, ailing, unhealthy, it all shows up on the surface— most notably on our skin.  Thuyen Nguyen is known from Manhattan to Montauk as the facialist to the stars, but his brand is much more than skin deep. With 26

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Weekly Wellness: Get STRETCH*D With SLT

Sore? Stressed? Slouching? Stretch! Stretching is a key element to all physical activity yet it’s oftentimes the most overlooked part of a workout. Harvard Medical points out that stretching is needed on a regular basis. It helps our bodies remain strong, long, and, of course, flexible. When we incorporate a proper stretch routine into the

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Weekly Wellness: Zing! Movement for Kids

In April of 2020, the American Psychology Association touched on the importance of getting kids up and moving in a [now post] pandemic world. Fast forward a year and the findings are still true– an active lifestyle decreases the risk of depression while increasing academic performance and self-control. Further, studies have shown that kids who

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