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5 Lessons From COVID-19 to Take With You

March 2021 marks a full calendar year since COVID-19 entered our lives and unleashed a world of uncertainty. Like the morning of 9/11 or the assassination of John F. Kennedy, we will all likely remember exactly what it felt like, and where we were, when a virus forced us into our homes indefinitely. The events

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Instagram vs Reality: Which One Are We Living In?

Instagram versus reality. It started as a trendy movement but poses a very real question: what world do the majority of us live, or think we live, in?  You don’t have to be a 20-something influencer to fall victim to the arising mistruths of social media. Politics are peddling agendas on platforms for their own

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Book Talk: Paulo Coelho’s The Archer

Book reviews have never been my niche. To be frank, before recently I didn’t enjoy reading at all. Into adulthood, books reminded me of the summer reading assignments that I was required to complete in private school. I’m not sure who’s in charge of picking the titles for children’s educational learning, but the three titles

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