Daily Fitness: Cool Zone Cryo

(This article first appeared in the June 7, 2017 issue of The Independent Newspaper)


The coolest way to burn calories and speed up your metabolism has arrived in Water Mill. Cool Zone Cryo, located on 760 Montauk Highway, is a whole-body and facial rejuvenation cryotherapy facility.

With a grand opening over Memorial Day weekend, this is the second wellness facility for Dr. Daniel Fenster, who also runs a holistic wellness center in Manhattan on 30 East 60th St. and Park Avenue.

Fenster owns a family house in Mattituck and decided to help his clients and the East End community through the magnitude of benefits cryotherapy has to offer.

Cryotherapy is anti-inflammatory and can result in mood elevation, stronger immunity, tightening of the skin, better sleep, reduction in soreness and even weight loss (an average 500 to 800 calories are burned over the course of a day). The benefits far outweigh the bitter cold to achieve them.

“One of the effects is that it shocks the body into a fight or flight response … in a very controlled environment,” Fenster described. “You need a certain amount [of sessions] to get to a certain level…[the recommended amount is] 10 times in a month, then one every other week or twice a week.”

As I put on my robe and fuzzy slippers, along with protective eye wear, I laid down for my 12-minute facial rejuvenation session. A cold, swift motion of nitrogen swept across my face and neck, a nice change from the warm air outside. Once that was completed it was time for my full body cryotherapy. As I disrobed, only keeping on my intimates and slippers, I placed mittens on my hands and entered the -250 degrees Fahrenheit chamber. The gaseous chill, the appearance of dry ice, filled up the tube, exposing only my face above the surface.

Thirty seconds. No problem. A minute. Okay this is tough. At about a minute and a half my legs began to tingle, a sensation completely normal and expected. By the time my three minutes were up, I was relieved to be back in room temperature.

Minus the hint of being light headed for a moment, the next day the pain I had from working out the days’ prior was gone. While I know I’d have to frequent more often to get the full benefits, the experience was tolerable and I’d certainly return. After all, can you think of an easier way to burn hundreds of calories in three minutes?

Managing partner Geney Kim expects a good season ahead. “People that are active need this…and it’s great for people who travel back and forth because they have the option to use both locations.”

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