Sore? Stressed? Slouching? Stretch!

Stretching is a key element to all physical activity yet it’s oftentimes the most overlooked part of a workout. Harvard Medical points out that stretching is needed on a regular basis. It helps our bodies remain strong, long, and, of course, flexible. When we incorporate a proper stretch routine into the day-to-day we reduce our risk for joint pain, muscle damage, and injury. Need more reasons to get flexible? Tony Robbins explains that stretching alleviates stress and benefits our overall mind-body connection through calming, calculated movements that can even improve our posture.

With all of this in mind, serial wellness entrepreneur Amanda Freeman created two spaces dedicated to stretch, strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body. She is the founder and CEO of SLT and the co-founder of Stretch*d. Together, the two businesses work symbiotically to create a better physique through targeted, low impact movements.


You’ve likely heard of a Pilates reformer before. Now, imagine it on steroids and with platforms on both sides of the carriage (the moveable part in the middle) and cable pulleys for resistance. Do a squat with one leg on a carriage that’s pulling away from you, planks while pushing the carriage out, or use the pulleys to pull the carriage in for an arm workout. But don’t worry, there are plenty of handlebars to grab onto for assistance if needed.

The Megaformer (image courtesy of SLT)

SLT uses a Megaformer to implement slow movements that break down the muscle fibers and elevate the heart rate. The goal is to reach muscle failure, which is just an intimidating way to describe when your muscled are maxed out, and create more defined muscle development. There’s an added bonus. Because a part of the body is nearly always on the moveable carriage, pulling with or pushing against the resistance springs, the core is constantly activated for better balance (and a tighter tummy).

The SLT Megaformer workout hits every muscle with timed precision, and is likely one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever do without realizing it. The constant push-pull connection elongates form while mirrors on both sides of the studio aid in perfecting overall formation (straight back, boxed shoulders, 90 degree angles, etc). You might not sweat but you will shake, and your body will thank you for it.

SLT has permanent locations in New York— East Hampton, Southampton, Roslyn, several in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester. More locations include Hoboken and Short Hills, Boston, and Greenwich.

Trainer Spotlight: Jill DeMarco has been with SLT since the very beginning in 2011, once she found a training technique that matched the intensity of sports without the harsh impact of traditional training. Her training style is efficient, effective, and educational. Find her at the Hoboken studio.


Before or after SLT, or anytime you need it really, take a walk-in 15-minute or book up to 70 minutes of assisted stretching. The Stretch method uses yoga wheels, muscle guns, and good ol’ fashioned hands-on techniques to deepen stretches that one might be unable to, or willing to, perform themselves. Lay on the extremely comfortable massage table as a stretch*r provides one-on-one approach to elongate muscles and improve flexibility. What’s best about STRETCH*D is that it safely stretches the body without risk of injury.

STRETCH*D (image courtesy of STRETCH*D)

Stretch*d has two NYC locations, one in Rye Brook, and is doing a summer pop up at SoulCycle BARN in Bridgehampton. 

When we workout better we feel better, and it shows– in our face, our body, and our attitude. SLT and STRETCH*D provide the necessary tools for a stronger, longer lasting body that’s suitable for any age and training level. All it takes is the first stretch.

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