Zing! Movement for Kids

In April of 2020, the American Psychology Association touched on the importance of getting kids up and moving in a [now post] pandemic world. Fast forward a year and the findings are still true– an active lifestyle decreases the risk of depression while increasing academic performance and self-control. Further, studies have shown that kids who develop an exercise routine are more likely to keep active into adulthood and contribute to a longterm healthy lifestyle.

But what about kids today? Those who were robbed a year of their adolescence– virtual school, limited to non-existent social activity, many even forced to remain indoors. Activity declined and as a result so did their mental and physical health. It seems youth today are not only starved for physical activity but should be prescribed it for overall well-being.

It’s time to reintroduce kids to movement in a fun, interactive, and exciting way. One woman has an answer for that.

Introducing Zing!

Long Island native Michele Gordon Levy founded Zing! in 2021 to help “kids ages three to 12 years old feel like rockstars” again. She hosts 15 to 50 minute classes that very by style and age group. Each class uses a training routine that is built upon strength, cardio, flexibility, speed, agility, and balance– with a focus on mindfulness. Michele goes a step beyond to tailor it to each child. She encourages motivational mantras and affirmations, guides them to get out their wiggles, and, in some cases, turns the classes into an imaginative adventure.

Courtesy of Zing!

To the parent, the child is immersed in a productive and educational exercise. To the child, it’s an entertaining, engaging activity with limitless possibilities.

“We encourage a feeling of inclusivity and camaraderie. My personal goal is to have all children walk away feeling stronger, happier, and more confident in what they can do,” Michele explained.

Zing! can be incorporated into any routine, and have shown optimal results when participated in once to three times a week. The classes have proven to boost kids’ self-confidence, an openness to try new things, adapt to different environments, and increase body awareness and motor skills. Because the classes are interactive, they also aid in self-discipline, social skills, and a strong sense of creativity. All to create “an amaZING experience.” 

It’s so enjoyable that it makes adults reconsider their standard workout class! In the meantime, parents or guardians are welcome to join in on the fun with their young ones.

Zing! offers virtual classes on a regular basis with pop-ups and private classes from Hoboken to the Hamptons, and everywhere in between. Have a park or backyard class, incorporate it into birthday parties or events, use it as part of training for sports, or tune in to an Instagram live session. 

It’s time to put the -zing back in kids’ lives– there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

Contact them today, find them on Instagram.

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