What Lies Within Us

(This article first appeared in the April 26, 2017 issue of The Independent Newspaper)

If a single image boasts a thousand words, than artist Asia Lee is a photographic novelist. Her upcoming exhibit “What Lies Within Us” will run at the White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton this Friday through May 3 with an opening reception on Saturday from 6 to 8 PM.

A Jeju Island, South Korean native, Lee has spent most of her life living on Long Island. Being Asian in a predominantly white population left her feeling estranged. After years of internal conflict, with several near death experiences, Lee found her inner light through holistic healing, with traditions such as Reiki and ho’oponopono.

Each morning she posts a photograph of the sunrise on her social media accounts.

“When you start the day with something positive, or gratitude, it can change the entire day. The world is really within our head, what we perceive what we think,” Lee expressed. “I’m not trying to heal other people. I healed myself and because I am healed I am able to see things differently. I am sharing that. Hopefully other people are inspired and when they are healed they can give to others.”

Her premier exhibit in the Hamptons is a multi-sensory show of her subliminal work. On display she will show fine art photography ranging in size from 4″x6″ magnets to 40″x72″ digital C prints on plexiglass, all with a focus on the majestic beauty of nature “that you feel like you can step into.”

Inhale as you walk around and you will be soothed with aromatherapy by Chris Kirschbaum of doTERRA. In addition to visual and olfactory senses, an audio-tape of music created in 528HZ will echo throughout the room. The 528HZ is a love frequency that’s been claimed to heal the heart and connect it to the realities around it.

“The goal is to reset who we are, who we are meant to be. Which is pure love,” Lee stated. “There is only love and all the other emotions are the lies. So, ‘What Lies Within Us’ — that’s where the title comes from — is where you get rid of all the lies and go back to love.”

Lee sees herself as a conduit artist rather than a traditional photographer. She encapsulates nature in a single image as a means to present it to her audience, allowing them to interpret it however they choose.

“Every day the sunrise is different. The beauty that’s there, it’s just incredible. I feel incredibly grateful that my life is where it is and I’m able to give back. And I want to give back even more. I’m thrilled when people say they’re inspired,” Lee humbly admitted.

Before concluding this interview, Lee decided to play a game of “What If,” something this author hadn’t done since grade school. We went back and forth with phrases of realities until she paused and said, “As children we dream, we imagine possibilities. As adults we see hurdles, we’re too quick to point out what could go wrong. The universe hears you, so you have to stop telling her the negative.”

“What If” her show inspires you? “What If” you fall in love with her work? “What If” we all told beautiful stories through our own images?

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