Daily Fitness: Who is Christie Hoyt?

(This article first appeared in the July 5, 2017 issue of The Independent Newspaper)


Babylon native and East Hampton resident Christie Hoyt is a woman of many capabilities. Not only does this 32-year-old inspire others on a daily basis through her VIA Barre + Wellness classes but she is a certified sommelier.

We sense a fittingly delicious combination in the future! Thirsty to know more, I caught up with the fit chick.

How long have you been teaching fitness and what do you teach?

After high school I studied holistic medicine and practiced the art of yoga on a daily basis. My first personal training certification was through Hofstra at 19 years old. Over the last 10-plus years, I have ventured into many different types of fitness training. Barre found a very special way into my heart reminding me of all my dance and gymnastic conditioning days.

I have developed a very unique approach to the barre technique, including not just barre exercises, but Pilates moves and gliders (core strengthen and stability training with towels on hard surfaces). VIA Barre + Wellness was something I created to provide clients with a unique yet challenging workout experience.

I try to keep my rates affordable knowing that the industry in The Hamptons has gradually increased tremendously. Class rates average around $30 per class whereas private sessions are between $150 and $180.

What inspired you to become an instructor?

I have been an athlete my entire life. I quickly became interested in human body mechanics when recovering from injury and from progress in endurance and strength during training with my own body. I decided that I wanted to help other people be the best version of themselves. Too many people become caught up in the monotonous routine of life that they forget what is really important, themselves. If I could help change the lives of just a few people for the better, I would feel grateful and fulfilled.

Explain how you personally connect the two titles of “fitness instructor” and “sommelier.”

Wine was a complete accident! A childhood friend and winemaker in California asked me to visit and attend an event. I quickly fell in love with the culture and the Northern California area and stayed for four weeks! I realized I knew nothing about wine — I felt an urge to move forward with the learning process. Obtaining a position as a director of a local Long Island vineyard, I continued my sommelier studies in Manhattan twice a week for many years. I am now a level III sommelier hoping to continue to the diploma level of studies.

Having my Wellness + Fitness business, I work part-time as a wine consultant, organizing and maintaining personal wine cellars to clients in The Hamptons. It keeps me involved in the industry and allows me to meet so many incredible people with even greater knowledge. It is very fulfilling.

Get creative! Pair a wine with the following workouts: Weights, Barre class, yoga, boxing, and surfing/SUP.

Weights and Spanish wine – A big bold Spanish red wine. Specifically Rioja and Priorat, or a bold Tempranillo from Ribera Del Duero.

Barre and Italian wine – Barre movements are delicate and elegant just like a good Frappato or Nero d’Avola.

Yoga and Sancerre – Acidic and dry on the palette, perfect after yoga refresher.

Boxing and Northern Rhone varietal either Syrah, Grenache, or Mourvedre, or a blend of all three! Clean, bold, and delicious. A knock-out.

Anything salt water and a nice New Zealand-style Sauvignon Blanc – light, fresh, and grapefruity. Perfect on a hot summer day.

And Rose for any and all of the above! Wolffer Summer in a Bottle or something from Provence, France.

What is your personal message to your students?

Fitness doesn’t have to feel like a chore, working out can be fun and enjoyable! When you find something that works for you, stick with it. I end all my sessions with a reminder to love yourself and carry positive energy with you throughout the day. It is good practice to stay positive and remind yourself that life is a gift and being good to you is important. I care about my clients and put them first whole heartedly.

Is there a workout that you dread doing and avoid at all costs?

No. I love moving and I’ll try anything. If I had to choose, I would have to say running long distances only because the trauma when my feet hit the pavement. Too many years of gymnastics!

Guilty pleasure food/drink of summer?

I grew up in a big Italian family and splurge whenever my honey makes his homemade marinara sauce and anything he makes with it. When I’m not drinking a glass of wine, I really enjoy a glass of whiskey, specifically Japanese whiskey such as Yamasaki and Habiki on the rocks. Yum.

Favorite new fitness trend and a trend you’re glad disappeared.

Is barre allowed to be my answer? I love it! It is fairly new, at least the modern adaptation of it is. I have always seen quick results and felt challenged with each workout. I also love boxing, the new water-filled heavy bags make for a killer workout. Cardio and muscle sculpting, check!

One thing I think has begun to disappear over the most recent years that I am very happy about is dieting. I have come to understand the importance of balance in everything you do. I think most people have caught on to care less about specific diets and more about conscious and healthy choices. Makes me happy.

What is your personal-body mantra? Something you say to yourself when you look in the mirror to remind yourself that you are beautiful?

“Be True To You.” Being who you are is the most important thing no matter what. It helps me focus on me and to not be afraid of that.

If you could be photographed in a single pose to represent your signature workout move, what would it be?

Planks! I have been caught reading books and sending emails while planking.

Connect with Christie Hoyt on Instagram at @Chrislynn22 or @Via_Barre_Wellness