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To The Guy Who Taught Me The Most Important Lesson About Love

This was first written back in 2016, but the lesson lasts a lifetime.   I once read an article that stated love compatibility was largely reliant on whether both people were logically or emotionally driven. I disagree. I think the only way to grow in love, similar to as a person, is to be challenged.

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A New Lifestyle

Last year, I detailed a list of ways I would detoxify my life, both mentally and physically, in aims to jump-start a better future ahead. For one month, I spoke to someone I cared for on the phone on a daily basis, incorporated fictional reading into my routine, started practicing meditation, and gave up alcohol,

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I Love Me, Too

There was a time, when I was single, that February 14 would be a dreaded reminder of my relationship status. Social feed would flood with photos of couples locking it down as restaurants filled to the brim of duos locking lips. And there I was, eagerly swiping away on  apps to the point of almost

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