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I Sing, Therefore I Am

I once had a song that burrowed into my soul the moment it came on. You know those melodies that echo through the bones and lyrics that penetrate the heart, as though it was written for you? I have several songs that obtain such power, but this one in particular came on the other day

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Thirty & Thriving?

I turned on my TV (yes, I still actually have cable) to “The Today Show.” Commercials of exotic vacations, places to eat, and ways to cure ailments preluded segments featuring entrepreneurs, ways to look younger, marriage trends, and parenting psychology. On any other day, I’d view this as just basic television programming. Yet, with March

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A New Lifestyle

Last year, I detailed a list of ways I would detoxify my life, both mentally and physically, in aims to jump-start a better future ahead. For one month, I spoke to someone I cared for on the phone on a daily basis, incorporated fictional reading into my routine, started practicing meditation, and gave up alcohol,

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