Revive Your Life

(This article was originally published in the July 19, 2017 issue of The Independent Newspaper)


Instagram is quickly becoming my for industry connections. I can look up a location or hashtag, and I’m instantly viewing countless options of potential suitors for my next IndyFit story. An image saying a thousand words equates Instagram profiles to a novelesque picture book.

Typing in #HamptonsFitness led me to discover a company named REVIVE Hamptons Wellness. After several weeks of placing the direct messages on the back burner, while at the Wellness Foundation’s summer benefit on June 24 I met a couple who introduced themselves as “partners in life and in business.” It was Jessica M. Bailey and Mateusz Mostek, the co-founders of my Insta-interest. It was bashert, as the Yiddish would say (meant to be).

REVIVE Hamptons has been running for over four years, a concierge wellness business serving clients in their homes, offices, hotels, and seaworthy yachts. Their company offers a plethora of services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, pilates, yoga, personal training, farm-to-table cooking, and even an integrative health coaching with a six-month program.

What makes this business unique is how its growth has remained purely organic, relying primarily on word of mouth advertising. I was situational proof that a simple search can lead to discovering the unknown. Ironically, Instagram was the initial force behind this couple as well.

Bailey and Mostek met at the Blue Parrot in East Hampton at the summer launch party of The Free Ride. Mateo was providing therapeutic massages, advertised on Instagram, which intrigued Jessica to join the event. Initially, the two exchanged cards for business. Nine patiently-awaited months later they went on their first date.

“[He was] so carefree, original, and one of those nights you will never forget,” Bailey remembered. “We had drinks at B Smith’s in Sag Harbor and then created our own vintage dress-up fashion show at Around Again on the wharf, and finished off at Superica’s with Kenny for his amazing margaritas. I knew that night that I was going to be standing next to this man for the long haul.”

Within a month’s time of dating, a business plan was drafted. Bailey explained, “Having the same interests, passions in life, work ethic, and love of health and wellness allows us to remain on the same wavelength throughout our life and business.”

Through their empowerment together grew the goal of helping clients to take control of their well-being. Inspire others and you will be inspired yourself.

“When a vertical of our life is out of balance, our higher vibrational self draws attention to it. At this moment, we have the opportunity to shift our perspectives, actions, and habits. This can occur several times throughout our wellness journeys, a chance to revive who and what we are,” Bailey said. This mentality influenced the company motto, “Revive Your Life.”

The “REVIVE Tribe” is comprised of 15 healers, teachers, and chefs. Their days are atypical at best; seeing back-to-back clients, running a wellness series at 14 hotel locations, organizing farm to table events, and seeking out new business collaborations with an open mind.

“Who they [the tribe] are at their core — their honesty, integrity and dedication — is what sets them apart from the rest,” Bailey emphasized what makes her company stand out amid the bustling competition. “Perspective can shift the competitor to the partner. It’s much healthier and beneficial to our community if we lock arms with fellow businesses.”

Integrating fitness and wellness is easier said than done, and oftentimes overlooked. It’s important not to stick to only one end of the spectrum but to interconnect the two. Working out doesn’t guarantee a healthy body and eating right is only part of the equation. Though I hold true to being a #fitnessfoodie, eating hard and working out harder, I assert moderation rather than cutting out any specific food or exercise.

Bailey and Mostek aim to achieve both. “It is truly difficult to be well without a fitness practice. Just because you hit the gym five days a week does not guarantee that you feel a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and balance. We allow our clients to intuitively listen to their bodies on the cellular level to discover what it is that their bodies are craving.”

Within the next few weeks REVIVE Hamptons Wellness will be partnering with Pop In Pilates, an LA based company, to open a location in Southampton. The space will allow teachers to rent a fully equipped, private studio space for $25 an hour to train their own clients and grow their individual brand. Part of the “locking arms” mentality.

For the future, they are hoping to expand spaces to include health coaches, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, and massage therapists.

In addition, you can join the REVIVE Tribe in Rincon, Puerto Rico, from February 27 to March 3, 2018, for a Full Moon Retreat of yoga, Pilates, surfing, SUP, gourmet meals, aromatherapy, and luxury accommodations.

How’s that for some #InstaGood?

Contact Revive Hamptons Wellness at 631-740-6523 or Or, as I did, on Instagram @revivehamptons