Sabrosa Mexican Grill

This article first appeared in The Independent Newspaper

Sabrosa Mexican Grill isn’t your average, on-the-go eatery. It’s a family run facility built on the three pillars of nutrition, wellness, and philanthropy.

Jay Andreassi opened up his first Sabrosa Mexican Grill in Water Mill, right off of Route 27, four years ago, one year after beginning his wellness journey with the Wellness Foundation. The opening was a result of a year’s worth of research and culture development around his three pillars, all coinciding with qualities that mattered most to him. This isn’t fast food, it’s delicious health food on a time constraint, and now available in four locations.

Inspired by the likes of Chipotle, Andreassi took a liking to the concept of it all. Sleek design, quick delivery, choose your own toppings and, of course, Mexican food. However, upon a closer examination at the ingredients, he felt more could be done. That’s when Sabrosa was born. It’s Mexican food without the guilt. Vegetables, high protein beans.

“What we did at Sabrosa most Mexican restaurants did not have five years ago,” Andreassi explained about his brown rice, quinoa, tofu, and vegan options such as soups and chili, in addition to wheat tortillas and lettuce tacos.

“We are in the near future adding ‘beyond beef,’ which is a pea base product that with its recipe including quinoa, can be used with a burrito, bowl, taco, salad, or quesadilla. Our staff is amazing preparing and serving the healthiest fresh food ever in a clean environment,” he said. There’s also a choice of fresh gelato flavors to cleanse the palate and add in for a little indulgence.

Helping the start of it all was Cynthia Sass, former nutritionist of the store, but presently employed by the New York Yankees. Customers seeking nutrition tips of their own, beyond company doors, can explore the Sabrosa website for monthly tips on how to eat healthier. From how to shrink the waistline to the benefits of specific foods, this company is constantly aiming to better the surrounding community through one goal: healthy is happy.

Yet, it’s the people that make things run so smoothly. The name itself, Sabrosa, means “tasty and delicious,” and was conceptualized by Hannah Andreassi, Jay’s daughter and only 14 years old at the time. She additionally developed a guacamole recipe and aids in company marketing. Jay’s wife, Donna, runs the charity division and son Chase handles management and quality control, while his son J.B. is an asset to the marketing program. Brittney Epley is the master chef, evaluating the recipes over the years contributing to the overall success of the company. Other employees are essential in the customer experience, accounting, and teaching the younger generation the correct way of preparing foods, he said.

“At Sabrosa, besides everything reinforcing and supporting our culture, it is important to have the bathrooms, dining room, and kitchen clean. I believe that is a constant difference between us and many other restaurants,” Andreassi detailed.

What makes this company so unique is its devotion to philanthropy. By collecting the first customer check each day at all of their stores, in addition to the tip jar which, in fact, goes towards charity, they deposit the amounts into a charity fund. As of January of this year, Sabrosa has donated money to 61 non-profits, totaling over $66,000. A continuous philanthropic endeavor, the charity of the month for March is Southampton Fresh Air Home.

Visit their website to view their menu, locations and wellness tips.

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