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Bethpage Polo at the Park: It Takes 3

One of the key reasons any of us to go watch a sport live and in person is to feel that connection to the players, to the crowd, to the atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you know the names of who’s playing, when you’re there watching a game you suddenly feel as though you make

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Communication: The Artistic World of Bradley Theodore

The art world of NYC has changed. No longer are the days of conservative pieces being displayed on the Upper East Side or Midtown but rather contemporary statements now seen in Chelsea and, daringly enough, Brooklyn. If you’ve been strolling down the streets of lower Manhattan chances are pretty likely that you’ve seen the hip

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Opening Day of Bethpage Polo at the Park

The recent news of Bridgehampton Polo Club’s discontinuation of their public matches at Two Trees Farms, after a famed 20 year run, has left many wondering what’s in store for polo on Long Island? Goodbye 2 hour drives from Manhattan to the Hamptons, potentially 5 or 6 if you’re taking the L.I.E., goodbye shopping for

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