Community DARE

When it comes to our health, community can help us go the distance. Being surrounded by others with the same intentions and aspirations encourages us to stick to our goals and even set new ones. Many of us find these fitness communities in group classes— think Barry’s, SoulCycle, FOWARD__Space, DanceBody. Others find through local organizations like the Hoboken Boathouse or JackRabbit Run Club. However, some are still searching for a group that resonates with them.

It’s time for a community DARE: Discover new things, hold yourself Accountable, build new Relationships, create a positive Environment. Are you ready to find your perfect fit?


When seeking out a new fitness community half of the fun lies in the discovery— of oneself and what’s out there. 

Sites like Meetup and Facebook Groups are an easy place to type in what you’re looking for and search for a group or class that’s of interest. Don’t know where to start? Class Pass is a great option to help get a sense for what’s right for you. It allows you to explore different workout classes at a discount without the long-term commitment.

Another way to discover what’s around is to search local chamber websites or community based organizations. You’ll find events, business directories, happenings and more. Take the time to discover new things and enjoy the process. If it takes a while that’s fine. You’re one step closer to finding what fits.


Once you discover what fits your personality and aligns with your wellness goals things start to become, dare I say it, fun. Suddenly, a workout is the highlight of your day and part of a routine. The more you show up the more familiarized you become with those around you. A sense of belonging will start to set in, and along with it the sense of accountability— a primary reason why many join a fitness community.

We hold ourselves accountable because not only do we not want to disappoint ourselves but we feel as though others are watching. Have you ever seen a group stop mid-workout? No, because no one wants to be the person that quit. We’re competitive by nature and as such strive to be as good as, or better, than the person next to us. We show up for others as much as, if not more at times, ourselves.


The more you’re surrounded by your fitness community the closer you’ll naturally become. Of course, not everyone within the same group will have all of the same interests but likeminded individuals tend to have other commonalities. Soon, you’ll start to make plans outside of the group and form new relationships. 


Discovering new things, holding ourselves accountable, and forming new relationships are all steps towards creating a positive environment. As the law of attraction states, like attracts like. So, a strong fitness community can be the building block towards a better life for ourselves both physically and mentally. 

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