Weekly Wellness: Back to Barry’s

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The weekly wellness series is in partnership with James Lane Post, an East End experience.

The Red Room is ready. Barry’s is back, live and in person, operating at 100% capacity [in New York State] for those who are vaccinated (with proof of vaccine) and 50% capacity for those who aren’t, or who choose to wear a mask. 

The fit fam returned to the Hamptons Memorial Day weekend, which makes it a perfect opportunity for those who bounce from Manhattan to Montauk to get the same city sweat sesh on the shore. Those out East can choose between Barry’s Southampton or Barry’s Wainscott. Back in Manhattan, city goers can head to various locations in Chelsea, NOHO, Park Avenue South, Upper East Side, and Upper West Side. No matter what studio you run to, the return is bringing sexy back and better than ever.

Barry’s Hamptons

For those who are unfamiliar with one of the biggest brands in the fitness industry, or maybe just haven’t had the opportunity to take a class yet, let’s break down why Barry’s is such a movement (literally). Plus, the benefits.

The Barry’s Story (in brief)

Barry’s began in L.A. in 1998. In 2011, the celebrity craze came to NYC. A year later, in 2012, it opened its Wainscott location. From there, it exploded to London and worldwide. As of 2020, Barry’s has over 140,000 in its fit fam— and growing. That’s over 20 years of building better bodies, and still the company gains momentum.

What makes Barry’s such a successful boutique brand is that it prides itself on community and commitment. It’s a welcoming space for LGTBQ+ (I’m currently swooning over their pride swag), it incorporates a Fuel Bar for post-workout hangouts, and the company holds community driven events— including those for local charities.

The Barry’s Workout

Barry’s HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout boasts up to 1,000 calories burned in a single 50-minute class. That’s almost half a days calories consumed for some women, or a third for a man. The class is split up between treadmill and floor. Upon signing up, you choose where you want to start (T- treadmill, F- floor, DF- double floor). This combination of cardio and weight training increases lean body mass and raises the metabolic rate by 15%. The workout is designed to alternate muscle groups as a way to better balance the body and give it time to recover.

Essentially, Barry’s is giving the boot to the average gym session. You get the exact workout you need without wasting time between machines, with the ability to tailor each movement to what’s best for your body. Pick the speed, incline, weight, and rest period that aligns with your goals as the instructor guides you through the class.

The Red Room

The Barry’s Red Room (which is just the proper name for their red-lit studio), will motivate and move you. The color red is associated with aggression, competition, and a sense of power, which psychology pushes you throughout the entire 50-minute class.  Add in high energy BPM music, to elevate the heart rate, and it unleashes an unstoppable power within.

The Back to Barry’s Challenge

Accountability is key to establishing a stronger sense of self, in all that we do. When it comes to working out, showing up is half the battle. We have to envision the results we want and have a clear mind to achieve it.

Week 1: Day 1 of my five-week challenge at Barry’s

As wedding season fully sets in, I’ve committed myself to a personal Back to Barry’s Five-Week Challenge. I’ll be taking two classes a week for five weeks and documenting the progress along the way— physically and mentally (in combination with healthier lifestyle choices). Want to join in with your own five-week challenge (Barry’s or beyond)? Find me on Instagram @NikkiOnTheDaily and let’s build a stronger fitness community, together!

United We Sprint Challenge

For Pride Month, to support the LGBTQ+ communities, Barry’s invites everyone to the United We Sprint Challenge. From June 8 – June 27, Barry’s has partnered with the Family Equality Council and GLAAD to encourage clients to take 15 classes in 20 days. For every person that completes the challenge, Barry’s will donate $30 to these organizations.

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