Soul Brew Opens in Bellmore

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After months of anticipation, today, March 30th, 2021 Soul Brew opened the doors to its newest location at 2718 Grand Avenue in Bellmore, in the former site of the Bellmore Bean Cafe.

“Originally, I just saw it being big enough to make a decent living. I never envisioned it becoming what it is. I was genuinely fulfilled with just one,” Kristin Walsh said of the speciality coffee shop and eatery that she conceptualized. Her idea began as a single shop in St. James in 2016. The food became an Instagrammable hit and soon thereafter Soul Brew grew to Huntington and now Bellmore, all in under five years.

The restaurant is run by business partners Kristin Walsh and Jeff Petrocelli, and joined by their significant others Dean Lambros and Nicole Petrocelli. Each one adds to the community driven culture that Soul Brew has created. It’s through a mutual love of coffee, tea, food, art, and the community that these four friends built an appetite for success across Long Island. Together, they put their heart, sweat, and souls into each culinary hub— they even conduct all in-house renovations themselves. Outside of business, they double date every weekend and have turned into family.

“Life is too short to not enjoy the little things. That’s why we chose to open Soul Brew and put all those little things we all love in one place,” Kristin explained.

Left to right: Jeff Petrocelli, Nicole Petrocelli, Kristin Walsh, Dean Lambros (hubby-to-be)

The popular brunch spot is known for a soulful atmosphere, where they implement a localized art scene for the decor. Each month a new artist is featured on the walls, with all work available for purchase. New to Bellmore is a mural “Bella Brew” by Natalia Pulik.

Soul Brew takes pride in offering one-hundred percent Organic Fair Trade coffee and tea from New York State. While they include Stone Street Coffee and Serendipitea, the team plans to roast their own beans and sell their own cold brew, in the near future.

Bellmore is equipped with a micro kitchen, so the offerings will be more niche than the other two sites. Yet, that doesn’t make it any less delicious. It will offer items such as a Lavender Waffles with sweet mascarpone cream or the Feelin’ Tot burritos with homemade chipotle, and yes, their signature Avocado Toast will be on the menu.

What the owners are eating:

Kristin: Avocado Toast and our Dark Roast.
Jeff: Any of our Egg Burritos and The Swiss Almond Mocha coffee with steamed almond milk.
Nicole: The Roma and a Chai latte, of course.
Dean: The Tater Totter our Espresso.

As vaccines roll out and spring begins to bloom, Soul Brew begins another chapter in its small business venture, ready to greet the south shore community. “Soul Brew is a creative, loving, and judgement free place for you to take a break from life for a moment. We are all about good vibes and we can’t wait to feed your soul!”

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