DanceBody Returns To The Hamptons

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DanceBody is back for its 7th summer in the Hamptons and sporting a sexy, new look. The dance inspired fitness classes are kicking it up a notch with socially distant outdoor workouts while wearing futuristic face shields. In partnership with Noli Yoga, the shields are a cross combination between sun visors and sun glasses with a build in sweatband around the brim for added comfort and mobility.

“Everyone’s doing the step ball change to adapt to the current climate,” said DanceBody Founder and CEO Katia Pryce, who noted that Noli Yoga will be rolling out customized DanceBody masks this summer. “People are smiling nonstop. They can’t believe that they’re working out in a group atmosphere again.”

Now though Labor Day Weekend Hamptonites and East Enders can join in on small small group training sessions (7-10 people), private parties (11+ people), semi private sessions (2-6 people), or private 1-on-1. Each class is taught by one of four trainers and, for added cleanliness, all additional equipment is available on the website to carry in and out.

“We’re kind of doing the same thing that we’ve always done but we have to do it on a little bit of a lesser scale,” Pryce noted of Bridgehampton Community Center, which has been used as the main class location previous years. “After everyone has been working out solo from their homes, not even seeing people, everything is foreign. Having a conversation, being around other people, even the energy of a class together, people are so happy. It’s flipping all the switches for people that they really just had nullified over over the past few months.”

As New York gyms have been all but phased out of reopening, this week DanceBody announced the closing of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn location, with NYC locations now remaining in NoMad and TriBeCa. But there is a silver lining for city residents. In addition to daily classes streamed from NYC and on demand content accessible anytime, DanceBody LIVE classes will be streamed from the Hamptons starting next week.

“We want to be able to bring people to the Hamptons who maybe aren’t able to go on that trip this year. It’s going to be outdoors in front of our pool so that people feel like they’re actually here with us,” Pryce expressed. The live-streamed classes are a way to bring the entire DanceBody community together in times where many are still apart. It’s a chance to vibe with other individuals, despite the physical location.

For a 7-day free trial go to and use code DBHALFOFF for 50% off the first 2 months.

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