DJ CHEF Heats Up Your Bachelorette

The East End has long been Long Island’s go to destination for all things vacation, and that includes bachelorette parties. It’s a quick ride from NYC and during the cooler months a lot of properties become vacant, making them cost effective options for weekend renters.

But during the summer months renting a house alone can come at a decent cost. Then, factor in the cost of a night out with dinner, drinks, and the responsible Uber ride, it rings up quite the credit card statement. On the opposite end of things, staying in at whatever luxe property the maid-of-honor or bride tribe found may not necessarily be the final hoorah you were looking for.

Luckily, there’s a way to enjoy that weekend stay without the hefty price tag. DJ CHEF is the best of both worlds, bringing quality entertainment DJing and freshly cooked food directly to your East End getaway.

Dubbed “The Chef that rocks”, he is already making headlines in the bridal industry– Winner of The Knot “Best of Weddings” the past three years, LIWeddings “Best Bachelorette Party”, Voted #1 Unconventional Bachelorette Party idea by Elite Daily, and a Food Network Cutthroat Kitchen Champion.
His unique interactive style of cooking and DJing turns all kinds of tables while the bride and her girls let loose in the comfort of their own home. CHEF brings it all. Cooking appliances, flatware, all the ingredients, and all the talent. It’s like having a high energy dance club with a private chef, who happens to be cute too (sorry ladies, he doesn’t strip). All you need is a good group of friends and kitchen space. 


Need a good instagram video? Grab some trendy glasses. Want to spice things up? Peel the banana, for the banana bread pudding dessert, as sexy as you can. Whether it’s bikini’s and shot glasses or pajama’s and wine, DJ CHEF’s master mix of beats will ‘Spice Up Your Life’, take you down those ‘Country Roads,’ or have you feeling like a ‘Move to Miami,’ and pretty much everywhere in between. 

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  1. We booked him
    And he took our money and did not show up. No call, text or email and left 21 girls with a devastated bride before her wedding.

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