Jewelry Without Borders

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The world is a big place, but now you can carry it with you. Designed for the adventurer in all of us, Jet Set Candy offers a distinctive jewelry line of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Nicole Parker King, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and former creative director at L’Oreal, traveled to six continents and over 50 countries before she created her unique jewelry company.

While living in India for three and a half years with her husband, an Australian diplomat who is now with the United Nations, an idea was born.

“I was able to learn a tremendous amount about jewelry design and production as well finding some of the factories we work with to this day,” King explained about her time in India.

Jet Set Candy debuted its first collection when the couple returned to New York in October 2014. For the sixth generation New Yorker, it was a symbolic place to begin the journey. One of her first charms was the Chrysler Building, which held title as the tallest building in the world back in 1930. The Chrysler charm is still one of King’s favorite pieces in the line.

Each piece of Jet Set Candy jewelry is available in sterling silver, 14-karat vermeil, or solid gold, and there is something for a variety of tastes. The line includes, for example, airport code Luggage Tag charms, a customer favorite, passport stamps, city street signs, and iconic city landmarks. The Francophile might especially enjoy the Champs Elysees sign with Joe Dassin’s lyrics on the back.

A unique piece is the Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls charm. “A little gold vermeil doll unscrews to reveal a mini silver doll, which unscrews to reveal a tiny rose gold doll. One of my favorites is the charm of the sign What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. It comes with a miniature pair of handcuffs that open and close. Our shakers are fun, too — limitless cocktail shakers that open and come with the recipe,” said Peggy Healy, the company’s vice president of corporate relations and special events.

“I like taking really stereotypical souvenirs and finding a way to miniaturize them and elevate them,” King said of her effort to create collectable travel souvenirs with a line of wearable keepsakes.

Jet Set Candy has been involved with the Hampton Classic Horse Show since 2015, with plans to return next summer. For the person who loves a little bit of everything, there’s a “spinner” piece with multiple wording. The Hamptons Planner Spinners read “Staying In Quogue, South, East, Bridge, Water Mill, Sag Harbor, Amagansett or Montauk,” where the “Getting There” spinner reads “Jitney, Luxury Liner, LIRR, Zipcar, Range Rover, Yacht, Helicopter, Sea Plane.”

There’s also the Wanderlust Collection that features inspirational quotes such as “Not all those who wander are lost.” The Fashion Capitals modular charm bracelet has an attachment with each ring.

Set to launch in early 2019 is a capsule collection with Ela Rae jewelry. It will be the first collaborative collection since the company’s launch. Jet Set Candy is also ready to open the doors to its first store in Grand Central Station in the spring.

As for how King prefers to travel? She enjoys collecting local art from different cities, exploring museums amid the world’s capitals, and finding local flare in dive bars while returning to the comforts of a chic boutique hotel or large five-star resort to unleash her next creative moment.

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