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Take a walk on the sweet side into a museum that’s a confectionery dream. New York City welcomed Candytopia, with sugary goodness to devour at every turn amid crafted, interactive artwork made entirely of candy. The magical place was only steps away from Penn Station, making it a convenient escape from reality for adults and children alike. Luckily, it has pop-ups throughout the states.

Candytopia is the brainchild of Hollywood Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin and master fabricator Zac Hartog, a magical land that would surely have Roald Dahl’s creative stamp of approval, as well as all of your Instagram followers.


Step through the opening gates, seemingly inspired by the Wonka Chocolate Factory itself, and skip your way through several themed rooms of insatiable goodness with edible delights at every turn. Colorful graffiti walls, a candy art gallery, marshmallow pit, and so much more, it’s too good to give it all away! You’ll be screaming for Charlie to come to Candy Mountain in no time (for those who remember that famed YouTube video).

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