Originally launched in Las Vegas in 2013, TruFusion brings in the desert-like heat, with class temperatures ranging from 95 to 103 degrees and 40 to 50 percent humidity, creating a heat index of 120 degrees. I did a two-a-day, Tru Hot Pilates and Tru Barefoot Bootcamp and left feeling completely dead afterward.

Both were instructed by Liz Carrillo, who guided the class through our mats, elastic bands, light weights, and kettle bells (for bootcamp). Imagine a yoga flow meets Pilates repetitions combined with bootcamp energy, as downward dog was followed by light, weighted warrior poses and kettle belled bridges. As the movements increased, so did my heart rate and the inevitable drench of sweat. I earned my place in this TruTribe.

What is the TruFusion method?

TruFusion is a new group fitness concept offering heated and unheated yoga, barre, Pilates, bootcamp, boxing, TRX [Total Resistance Exercise] and cycle under one roof. We’re a TruTribe of authentic, edgy, and aspirational members dedicated to bettering their lifestyles one class at a time.

Describe the goal of Tru Hot Pilates & Tru Barefoot Bootcamp.

To challenge your stabilizing core muscles. To manipulate your heart rate via the kettle bell and hand weight drills. To challenge your cardio vascular endurance with the use of heat and HIIT [High-Intensity Interval Training] exercises. To work on your range of movement through the flow of yoga fused into all classes . . . and to find your edge.

How does heat affect the body differently than if it were room temperature?

The heat helps to detoxify the liver and kidneys, release toxins through the skin, loosen and warm up muscles and ligaments, and helps you burn up to 800 to 1000 calories in 60 minutes.

Why does this work?

Have a goal? Our heated classes will help you meet it. Trust us and see. We will challenge not only our physical fitness but also your mental strength and fortitude.

Who should avoid it (for health reasons)?

TruFusion is for all health and fitness levels. However, we encourage individuals to consult their doctor if they have any concerns. Not recommended for individuals under 16 as their sweat glands have not fully matured.

What is your background and how long have you been with TruFusion?

I’ve been with TruFusion for three and a half years now. My background is a trifecta of certifications — NASM [National Academy of Sports Medicine] personal trainer, NSMT [Nevada School of Massage Therapy] licensed massage therapist, and group fitness instructor with an initial focus on Pilates.

What do you do after a great workout to unwind?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate — bonus points for a nutritionally dense smoothie. It’s all about self-care. I love to take a nice, long hot shower and lather myself in coconut oil.

What Is Your Workout Mantra?

Take it one inhale and one exhale at a time. Everything is temporary. Do your best today according to the circumstances handed to you.

Your favorite workout class?

Tru Barefoot Bootcamp Core. It incorporates everything we offer. It’s great as your hardcore workout for the day and for muscle maintenance.


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