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Never have I ever inhaled salt by the gram full — until now. Sound View in Greenport is the home of a halotherapy spa, Salt Live Energized, that pumps enough salt into the air that you can see it accumulating on surfaces. It’s enough white dust to make Tony Montana dart for the door. If that sounds intimidating — because who in their right mind would want to inhale the condiment equivalence of chalk? — the pink walls and view of the sound are guaranteed to ease any initial discomfort.

As I sat back in a chair that seemed tailored to my body, I had a welcome box of some tissues, a water bottle, BOSE headphones, and an iPod with soothing melodies. My 45-minute session flew by as the particles fell onto my skin and cleared my lungs. The waves crashed beyond the glass in front of me as I recalled the benefits: increased red blood cell production, cleaner air passages, better lung function, stimulates cell growth, balanced skin pH, and reduction of inflammation, to name a few. Sure, the initial inhale was jarring as particles went up my nose and down my throat, but in the end, I left feeling better than when I first walked in. Which is the whole point, right?

Carlos Lamarche, founder of Salt Live Energized, found me on Instagram (power of the post, people!) and was wonderful enough to answer some key questions:

What year did you start this?

We started with the idea in 2017, and opened our first Salt Live Energized in Sound View Greenport as a pop-up to experiment. We are opening our spa in SoHo, NYC this August.

How did you come up with the idea?

My husband and I both love the beach. We live a lot of the year on Fire Island and we truly consider it home. Two years ago, on a healthy living quest, we converted our pool to salt water. We could not believe the difference. It made us calmer, our skin smoother, and we slept better.

Totally by chance, the next day we saw an article in the New York Times on halotherapy, and then another in Vogue. We did our research and learned quickly that many “salt caves” don’t actually do anything for you. Without adding dry salt to the air, the respiratory system doesn’t get any benefits whatsoever.

So, we set out to spread the word about real halotherapy and to upgrade the experience from a “salt cave” to a relaxing spa. Once we got started, we kept going. Later this summer, we’re launching our own line of salt body scrubs and bath salts, in addition to the NYC location.

What’s the top reason you recommend clients book this experience?

Well, you filter your water. You eat organic. Yet you breathe over 30 pounds of polluted urban air every day. It toxifies your body. Left alone, it can take years off of your life. As the World Health organization declared last year, “Air pollution is the new tobacco.” Salt’s halotherapy is as essential for health and wellness as eating well and working out.

Experience this unique session yourself. Visit and follow @SaltLiveEnergized.


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