Getting All The deTAils

Tracy Anderson is one of today’s hardest hitting fitness pioneers. Through intensified dance cardio, bodies of all types are sculpting long, lean, muscle tonnage using the Tracy Anderson Method. Now, the deTAil Band class. Open to all levels, the class is a 50-minute workout entirely using the patented natural latex Iso-Kinetic Band System suspended from the ceiling.

“DeTAil Band is the perfect way to make sure that you reach all of the important transitional muscles in your upper body that help with your heart health and muscle definition without causing the stressful damage that lifting heavy weights can cause. My band systems and the content I have created for their use create a healthy, strong, lean muscle with very tight skin tone. By way of including all muscles as a unit to work together to control the buoyant resistance, this class builds a flexible muscular structure that is ready to move and less prone to injury,” Anderson said.

Aiming to keep workouts both entertaining and challenging, routines, in all class types, switch every seven days.

Having never taken a TA class before, I decided to challenge myself by taking the most difficult offering as my introduction to the popular TA Method. I entered the 95-degree room, with 75 percent humidity, to find three level color bands above me — blue being the most resistant, with green and red on the easier side. Using a pole to pull the bands down, I began my full-body workout with light arm movements to the beat of the music. What began as a simple side to side while standing intensified to pulling the bands in various directions.

Eventually, I found myself on the floor, kneeling on a mat with three-pound ankle weights, moving things to the next level. I kicked up, down, side to side, and contorted myself like a marionette through the resistance bands, targeting my abs, glutes, and lower body. It was dance cardio meets a Pilates boot camp on steroids, resulting in me red faced, drenched in sweat, and absolutely exhilarated. I must’ve drank my weight in water because I was successfully pushed to my limits — and I loved the way it felt.

The deTAil Band class is a unique workout that is certain to challenge even the fittest body types. Between the heated atmosphere, heart pumping playlist, and ever-changing movements it’s 50 minutes of pushing it to the limit. Personally, I suffer from joint and muscle pain in my hands when too much pressure is applied and the bands triggered a mild level of discomfort. For those with a similar condition this might not be the class for you, but Tracy Anderson has other mat-based formats that are sure to challenge you just the same.

Get the deTAils for yourself and sign up. Tracy Anderson’s East Hampton studio is located at 30 Park Place; call 631-604-6529. You can also visit the Water Mill location at 903 Montauk Highway; call 631-617-5621. Visit for more information.


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