Daily Fitness: Organic Ways to Detox

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Summer is around the corner. From the remainder of cold days, it’s common to indulge in unhealthy eating (and drinking) habits. Yet, after so many days or weeks on end, eventually the body needs a restart to a more sustainable lifestyle. Hence, a brief detox.

I’m not one for gimmicky cleanses or adding a slew of ingredients to my body that I can barely pronounce. Rather, I prefer going to the supermarket, or farmers market, and picking up foods that Mother Nature created to naturally help restart my body. If you’re feeling like you need a jumpstart on healthier habits or a quick detox, here are some foods to pick up the next time you’re at the store.

To help with your stomach, pick up grapefruit, guacamole, hibiscus and white teas, turmeric, lemons, and ginger. My personal favorite go-to for a quick pick-me up when I’m feeling sick is blending carrots, oranges, lemon, ginger, and turmeric. I immediately feel a boost of energy.

Coffee addict? Add cinnamon to your cup of joe. In addition to its nice flavor, cinnamon is high in antioxidants and retains anti-inflammatory properties. With this said, while coffee does have benefits, it will dehydrate you.

Water is everything, and the most common way to flush out toxins. If you need help upping your water intake, try adding lemon or other freshly squeezed juice to carbonated water for a soda feel.

Boost your metabolism by consuming egg whites, chili peppers, coffee, green tea, lentils, celery, spinach, lean proteins, and fish.

Other ways to help rest your organs are periods of intermittent fasting — between 12 and 16 hours —which can benefit your health and help you lose weight.

While it’s always advised to eat healthier to maintain long lasting benefits, sometimes your body just needs a casual reminder of what the proper fuel is. Overall, make sure you consult a doctor before any drastic changes in eating habits, and try to choose organic foods as much as possible.


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