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Lawrence Scott Gottesman established Lawrence Scott Events in 1989 and has been transforming the mundane into the magical ever since. “A Larry Party” is known for mixing formal and relaxing elements, to create the ultimate feeling of a true escape. When working with a client, Gottesman retains a “your taste, my style” philosophy. From events at Parrish Art Museum to people’s private homes, everything is done in-house — food, florals, décor, and more — for a seamless experience, he said.

What unique elements are considered when planning a Hamptons event?
The Hamptons of course has its famous and beautiful beaches, which is a popular location for summer fetes. In the winter though, parties tend to get gimmicky. I recently produced a Studio 54 themed party, complete with a Disco is Dead “graveyard” in the garden, featuring “fallen” disco balls.

How long does it take to plan an event?
It could be two weeks or two years. It is highly individual, depending on the event itself and the persons involved. I would say usually though, it is around one to two years of planning for large scale events.

What’s the most common request?
Clients often ask me whether the event is going to be different and original. Every time I get asked this question, the answer is of course “yes!” There is a reason why our mantra is “From the ridiculous to the sublime.”

What are some uniquely outlandish touches?
I have always believed that “more is more” and one of my signature elements is my trough overfilled with delicacies including meats, cheeses, and fruits. It adds to the overall visual impact and gives the host or hostess playful possibilities in displaying his or her gourmet food offerings.

Another original idea is our signature invasions, which are all about perfect timing coupled with exacting choreography. An adrenaline pop at just the right moment, the invasion gives the party life, and smiles and unforgettable memories.

What’s a food choice that fits most situations?
People like things from their childhoods and comfort food is a favorite. Serve mini burgers on silver platters. Classic candy is also a favorite. There are also a lot of expectations outside of the food itself when it comes to events. People don’t want to sit around a table at an event. They want to move around and perhaps have a few hors d’oeuvres here and there, [and] only to reappear at the table for dessert. Signature Larry Party desserts includes oversized yodels, chocolate covered Twinkies, and tons of candy.

What are some trends that are fading out?
There tends to not be a lot of sitting down anymore. People don’t want to sit through seven dishes, so events tend to feature passed hors d’oeuvres and/or smaller dishes served “buffet style” as not to tie people down to a table all night. This also enhances the social aspect, with more intermingling and not limiting conversations to the person next to you at the table.

What are trends for 2018?
Anything goes. Events are getting more adventurous, with outrageous themes. This tends to be the trend especially when the economy is better, such as right now. As for food, it is becoming less traditional. People love comfort food gone gourmet.

As Spring approaches, what are you most looking forward To?
I am looking forward to the weather getting warmer and with that, the possibilities of hosting outdoor events and parties. The outdoors offers endless opportunities to mix things up, such as trees filled with crystal chandeliers. And since you are already surrounded by flowers, use greenery or lamps as centerpieces. It doesn’t have to be flowers.

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