North Fork Candles Get Lit

This article first appeared in the January 31, 2018  issue of The Independent Newspaper


Sip the wine, savor the local produce, and inhale the signature scents of the North Fork by candlelight. More than any other of the senses, our olfactory senses are the strongest at triggering emotions and memories.

Suddenly a candle is more than a glowing flame but an ignition of positivity. Three local companies are taking the beauty around them and turning it into a piece of home for everyone.

Baylily Candles, located in Southold, launched in the fall of 2017 as a family endeavor. It’s owned by Michelle J. Warde and her husband, Scott Warde, with their two-year-old daughter Lily inspiring the name.

“She is the greatest gift that I have ever been given. She reminds me every day to never give up on my dreams and to always ‘Stop and smell the candles,'” Michele expressed.

“I love the comfort of home and I cherish all of the special memories that I have created with my family and friends. The North Fork of Long Island is home to me and is such a beautiful place. The beauty is what inspires our candles.”

All of their candles are hand poured, made from all natural soy wax, and take about a day to make in a 13-ounce recycled glass jar before being packaged in an eco-friendly linen bag. Merlot flavor, which smells good enough to drink, is one of their best sellers. Custom labels are in store for local vineyards and private events. Other aromatic scents include Pinot Grigio, Pumpkin Souffle, and Cranberry Jam.

Visit their Facebook page at BaylilyCandles, or email to learn more.

Wick & Wine Candle Company, located in Southold as well, is another example of what happens when you mix wine country with entrepreneurship. Owner Jon Demo turned a fun hobby into a profitable business once he created the bottle and glass design.

Each candle is hand produced on the North Fork. The repurposed 1.5 liter bottle dismantles, revealing a usable wine glass. Once the wax melts, the bottle can be used as a planter, flower vase, or, better yet, wine glass again. For the wine lover in all of us, this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

As the seasons vary, so do the most scents at Wick & Wine, but toast to the flavors of Red Sangria, Champagne Room, Unlimited Mimosas, and Vineyard Breeze. Two new lines are on the horizon including more traditional candle scents and aromatherapy, in addition to adaptable lines of repurposed wine glassware, bath bombs, and soaps.

“Those inexpensive candles stocked to the gills in big retail stores might make a candle lover feel like they’re getting a deal, but in the long run soy wax wins the day every time,” Demo said. “Soy wax is made from all natural vegetable oil – it burns cleaner, safer, and longer.”

Demo donates to several charities and co-founded Kait’s Angels, a nonprofit that aims to empower the local community.

Email to learn about where you can purchase products.

Farmers Kitchen is a fourth-generation family farm located in Jamesport with a storefront in Riverhead. Its greenhouses raise herbs and flowers while field crops produce items such as garlic, onions, and culinary lavender.

Nearly 17 years ago Emilie Zaweski and her husband assembled local gift baskets and opened up the local market by creating a localized candle. Today, their daughter Krista inspired the names of all 17 of their scents, along with the design.

“The candles were designed with our growing operation of herbs on the farm. So, many of our scents were inspired by herbs for their clean, fresh scent,” Zaweski said. Before choosing a specific scent the company asks a varied audience to sample and provide feedback.

Each candle is hand-poured and made with 100 percent soy wax, with lead-free wicks and the purest fragrant oils. In the summertime, whiff the likes of Grapefruit Mango, Cool Citrus Basil, and Coconut Lime Verbena. In fall, a Pear Harvest and Pumpkin Crunch. For winter, there’s Balsam Fir and Citrus Spruce. And in spring, Lemon Verbena.

Visit their Instagram @Farmerskitchenny, email, or call 631-727-7044. Better yet, stop in person at 309-1 Main Street in Riverhead.

Eat, drink, and shop local. Now, light a local candle!

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