Daily Fitness: Super Bowl Hacks

This article first appeared in the January 31, 2018 issue of The Independent Newspaper 


Sunday marks the second largest food consumption day in America, behind Thanksgiving. Huddle around, it’s Super Bowl Sunday.

From the wings to the beer, here are some (not so) skinny statistics. In 2015, according to Statista, the caloric intake of New York State consumers on game day was over 17 million, fourth in line behind Texas, California, and Florida, averaging out to 2400 per person.

What are American’s spending on food and alcohol? Nielsen reports that in 2016 the our country spent $82 million on chicken wings, $277 million on potato chips, and $1.2 billion on beer.


The facts are hard to swallow, so how can you slash your guilt in half?

Choose wiser. Try a beer that’s under 100 calories. Budweiser Select 55 is, as the name states, 55 calories with a 2.4 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), Miller Genuine Draft “64” is 64 calories and a 2.8 percent ABV, Michelob Ultra has 95 calories at 4.2 percent ABV, Miller Lite has 96 calories with 4.2 percent ABV and Yuengling Light Lager is at 99 calories for 3.15 percent ABV.

Or, cut out the calories altogether. Instead of beer or soda try a flavored seltzer, like Canada Dry Lemon Lime, Schweppes Black Cherry, or La Croix Grapefruit — all with zero calories (and zero hangover).

When it comes to food, a few simple replacements can make all the difference. Choose homemade guacamole over the bean or cheese dip. How about Pop Chips instead of potato chips? Likewise, try zucchini fries over traditional ones. Easily decrease caloric intake with sliders by replacing the bread with lettuce instead.

Can’t stop the incessant snacking? Opt for some popcorn or reach for veggie platter.

Sitting down for too long creates sluggish, overindulgent habits. Get up and move it, move it. Here’s an easy, fun way to burn some calories, a “move it” game instead of a “drink it” game.

Successful pass, five jumping jacks.

Fumble, three push-ups.

Touchdown, 30-second dance.

Commercial, get up and walk around the room.

Beer commercial, 15 squats.

Someone gets knocked out on the sidelines, 10 sit-ups.

And continue to make it up as you go!

If the above seem too difficult, increase your traditional workout or watch your fork prior to Sunday and return back to normal come Monday morning. After all, it’s basically America’s second Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re at the bar or the comfort of home, drive safe!


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