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This article first appeared in the January 24, 2018 issue of The Independent Newspaper

The beauty of skincare is that it affects us all. You’ve likely seen advertisements across social media, or heard word-of-mouth, about a friend of a friend selling a popular skincare line, Rodan + Fields. But what’s it really about? After receiving samples to give it a try, I caught up with New York native consultant, Gaby Astrauskas-Rosenzweig.


Gaby with the Redefine Products from R+F

How does R+F differ from other skincare lines?

Being a consultant with Rodan + Fields I am able to give my customers one on one attention, long after any purchase that a department store would not usually provide. That is one of the biggest reasons why we differ from other top competitors. On my website you can find a solution tool by answering a few questions about your skin concerns and there will be an instant suggestion on what would be the best regimen for you. Also R+F is the #1 Premium Skincare Brand in North America, co-founded by Stamford trained and practicing dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields who also successfully co-founded ProActiv Solution.

Who can use it and what skin types should be careful? Are there known allergic reactions?

R+F has four different regimens for all different skin types:

• Redefine Regimen targets fine lines, wrinkles and firmness.

• Reverse Regimen targets age spots, sun damage and dullness.

• Soothe Regimen targets sensitive skin like redness and calming dry skin.

• Unblemish Regimen targets acne and works to combat the entire acne cycle.

Aside from these multi-med therapy regimens we also have some other products that work with most skin types if not all.

What’s the latest product launch?

Some of our most recent product launches are:

• Active Hydration Serum, which is an oil-free super serum that boosts your skins hydration by 200 percent in just one use.

• Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex, visibly improves the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

• Intensive Renewing Serum, which delivers Retinal-MD technology that is 20 times the strength of Retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness.

• Amp MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller works in combination with our Intensive Renewing Serum to accelerate and amplify your skin-firming results.

• LashBoost, our nightly conditioning serum improves the appearance of lash volume and lash length fro lashes that are 100 percent real and 100 percent yours!

What’s the typical time it takes for users to see results?

Rodan + Fields is formulated to be a multi-med therapy when used together. If you follow the directions and use as followed, typically results can be noticed as early as four weeks but I would allow at least eight weeks and if you’re not satisfied within 60 days you can send the bottle back (even if it’s empty) for a money back guarantee.

What made you become a consultant?

Having a second stream of income — or some can call it a “Plan B” — always intrigued me but I never knew where or how to start! While attending a friend’s business launch with Rodan + Fields almost four years ago, I actually was in need of skincare products for my upcoming wedding. Trying the products first-hand and receiving unsolicited compliments on my skin, I quickly decided to jump in feet first! I was not a skincare expert or sales person but I believed in the products, received results and wanted to share my story to make a difference in others.

It can be very scary starting something new especially when your plate is already so full but working my virtual business in pockets of my time made this new venture that much easier. This turnkey business was something that changed my life especially now that I am a Mom.

Tell me about YOU.

As a New Yorker, I find myself always on the go! After graduating Hofstra University, I moved cross-country to Los Angeles to pursue my career in television, more specifically, reality television. Working in television having long 12-plus hour days, this business makes it was hard to really know how to slow down but I always knew I wanted something of my own.

While working on a set in Los Angeles, I met my husband Joe, a Long Island native. Right before our wedding, I came across Rodan + Fields through one of my best friends who was just launching her own business. This obviously intrigued me and I was looking to try some new skincare products to prep my skin for my wedding! I was not a skincare junkie; actually I did very little for my skin until this moment.

Now almost four years later after taking a chance on myself, I’ve been able to work my business while being a full-time mom and still freelance producing part-time. My plan B ended up being my plan A when I was laid-off from my dream TV job during my maternity leave. I would say on average I work 15 hours a week in pockets of my time. But the best part is we are bi-coastal, I can work from anywhere and anytime.


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Intrigued to learn about the results? I’ll be testing the “Give it a Glow” kit from the Redefine Anti-Aging Regiment and the Active Hydration Serum, perfectly suited for the winter months.

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