Daily Fitness: 2018 Resolutions

This article first appeared in the January 3, 2018 issue of The Independent Newspaper


Happy 2018! By now you’ve written out, or mentally prepared, your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. More than likely that includes fitness goals, which are probably repeat resolutions of New Years’ past. In aims to be realistic, here are my five health and wellness resolutions that I encourage all of you to add to your list as well.

I Will Not Body Shame. By starting the year with a sense of “boditude” (body-gratitude) we shift the focus from our flaws to what makes us us. Human nature is to strive to be better, but this year we will accept our body in its existing form. Beyond ourselves, we will appreciate all those around us as well. No one has the exact same size anything, despite what department stores tell us. It’s time to spread boditude.

I Will Get Outside More. Even in this frigid air, walking outside for a few minutes a day helps get purer oxygen to the brain. Being outside stimulates more than muscles, it helps to feel connected to the world around us and all of our senses. From a hike to walking through town after eating, little steps can improve an overall lifestyle.

I Will Not Live By A Number. Calories, scales, clothing size. A number is simply a way to compare and measure. Sure, it can help when you’re setting goals. However, living our lives by a number is just another way to compare and potentially feel disappointed. Rather, let’s focus on how we feel. If we feel our best no tool can quantify what that truly means.

I Will Seek Out Happiness. In 2017 I made a “daily thankful jar.” Every day throughout the year I wrote one thing I was thankful for, in hopes to become happier (2016 was a bad year). It worked. For this year we will find happiness in our daily lives. Positivity is contagious. It naturally rids stress and wards off diseases. That’s a healthy decision.

I Will Love Food. Food is fuel for our bodies so we should learn to enjoy it. From organic eating to that slice of cake, everything we put into our bodies breaks down and determines how we function. With that being said, let’s rid ourselves of the guilt associated with certain foods and the praise in others. Love every forkful!

Here’s to a healthier, happier, and more adventurous year ahead. In omnia paratus!

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