Daily Fitness: Jet Skiing

(This article first appeared in the August 30, 2017 issue of The Independent Newspaper)


If the ocean is the Earth’s biggest playground, then as Long Islanders, we’ve inherited a decent-sized yard. With so much to do on the water, Joe Flotteron, owner and founder of Peconic Water Sports, decided to open up his own business after coaching wakeboarding for 10 years. Having three locations — Southold, Sag Harbor, and Southampton — the company offers everything from fishing charters to tubing, kiteboarding, SUP, kayaking, and more.

My personal adventure began on a windy afternoon, jet skiing; one of the fastest ways to a good time and workout. One needs arm strength to hold on (especially if you’re holding on to someone else) and core strength to keep balanced. If you stand up, like I did, with your knees bent, you’re even targeting the glutes and the rest of your leg muscles. It’s more than just fun, it’s fitness!

Evan Kraus, guide of the day, took me out on a Yamaha VX Deluxe WaveRunner. Long gone are the days of speeding forward uncontrollably. A new system introduces an intuitive forward, neutral, and reverse system on the handlebars. Easy to use with improved safety and maneuverability, it has an intelligent braking system. This 2015 system is boggling the minds of old-school jet skiers throughout the country.

We jetted to the Peconic River, between Greenport West and Shelter Island. Due to the rough winds, our initial adventure to Orient Point left us to a limited aquatic field. Hands on the handlebars, I gripped tighter and tighter as I steadied my legs into a squat position for an optimal workout. Twists, turns, jumps, and dives, I soaked up every moment.

Get on the water and jet your way right through fall. A typical season for Peconic Water Sports runs May 1 through October 1, but Flotteron says, “As long as you have a wetsuit, we can do anything!”

Visit http://www.peconicwatersports.com, call at 631-680-0111 or email info@peconicwatersports.com.

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