Daily Fitness: Eight Tips For Your Next Vaca

(This article was originally published in the July 26, 2017 edition of The Independent Newspaper)


Pack your bags, you’re ready to go. That “ahh” feeling sets in as the vacation is about to commence. You’ve got your itinerary or, if you’re anything like me, an activity bucket list and your appropriate fitness gear.

But when it comes down to it, keeping healthy while traveling is so much more than simply hitting the gym, which actually isn’t so simple considering how mundane it may feel.

So here are my eight personal tips for keeping fit while on your next vacation

1. Rather than sitting down before boarding the plane, walk around and stand as long as possible. It’s important to fit in exercise before being immobile to stimulate circulation.

2. Stay hydrated. The moment you arrive in that airport, vacation fever begins. You’re eyeing the bar, or when the flight crew comes around you’d much prefer that new beer their promoting. Opting for water not only saves calories but can decrease the fuzzy, groggy affect from traveling. Once you’ve landed, well, that’s a horse of a different color.

3. Make the first meal a light meal. Typical travel calls for adjusting to another time zone or climate. Let your body catch up before you dive immediately into the cuisine. Choose a meal that will help you feel refreshed the next time you dig in.

4. Talk to locals before you Google. They know the best spots to not only eat but to stay in shape — bike lanes, hiking trails, and more.

5. Eat small but eat often. To taste local cuisine, sharing food rather than ordering big meals is not only more fun but it’ll help keep the metabolism up.

6. Don’t be afraid to adventure alone. That extra few steps or burst of energy will lead you down some interesting journeys, beyond a healthier life.

7. Wake up earlier than usual. Given, most of us vacation to sleep in. But rising ahead of schedule will make you feel more inclined to do activities for that extra morning boost.

8. Give yourself a break. Literally. You didn’t leave home to work out, in most cases, so enjoy the moment!

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